Full-time learning

According to the curriculum, subjects and learning plan schedule, the learning process at the School of Advocates is implemented in full time format, according to the established schedule:

1. Mainly in classrooms by directly participating in the lessons,

2. Additional: by studying the given lessons offline and/or performing the assigned tasks,

3. Additional: by directly participating in online lessons,

4. Additional: by performing individual tasks through learning materials.


The learning process is implemented with two phases: theoretical lessons and practical lessons.

Those attendees that have five or more years’ experience as a lawyer (including special attendees) will have the opportunity to study by simplified procedure. Other attendees’ learning process is implemented according to the general procedure.

The duration of general procedure learning process is 12 (twelve) months, and the duration of simplified procedure learning process is 6 (six) months.

The theoretical learning process at the School of Advocates is organized during all weekdays (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 22:00) and on Saturdays (if necessary).

The study process of the theoretical phase is mainly organized according to the learning schedule: at first, lessons for 6 weeks then exams for 2 weeks. This format is applied three times within six months.

During the exam session, the attendees take exams (checkups) from the lessons that they have completed within previous 6 weeks.

Examination period is simultaneously a liquidation period during which resubmissions of insufficient assessed examinations are organized. In case of insufficient result reexamination is allowed once for each subject.