Distance learning

 Distance learning is a systematic way of learning when the direct and indirect communication between the professor and the attendee, during the study process, is mainly implemented with the help of/ by information technology and means of telecommunication.

According to the curriculum, subjects and learning plan schedule, distance learning theoretical lessons at the School of Advocates are implemented online.

Distance learning process is organized via Google meet or other equivalent platform by online participation in current courses.

The presence of the attendee during the lesson is considered proper only if the camera is on and the attendee is visible. 

Distance learning process is organized by the following ways:

1) communication of professor and attendee via E-communication means (simultaneous connection to current training courses),

2) by studying the materials uploaded to the distant platform

3) by the study materials, by the individual works of attendees.

The School of Advocates of RA is authorized to organize certain lessons as well as trial games (moot court) and other events offline (at the school) where the participation of the attendees of distance learning is obligatory.

The attendees who study by distance learning format take exams at the School of Advocates of RA with the attendees who study by full time format with the exception of attendees who, by objective reasons recognized by the director or deputy director, cannot participate in the exams offline, and when taking the exam in distant way won’t bother the academic justice and won’t question it’s result.