Legal clinic

The School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia together with the Public Defender's Office implement a program aimed at providing free legal aid services.

Within the frames of the program the interested parties are provided with free legal aid services, and particularly: legal consulting, drafting a civil (administrative) claim, application, petition or any other legal matter related document (if necessary) and in special cases;  to implement judicial representation.

The provided services are implemented within the frames of Legal Clinic of the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, which, by the way, was established in 2015.

The services are being provided by the attendees of the School of Advocates, who are in their practical phase period, under the supervision of advocate-mentor.

Admission of the citizens is organized each working Thursday, within 10:00-17:00 working hours (break time is 13:00-14:00).

To apply for the services, citizens need  to click the following link (the link is active every working Thursday from 10:00 to 17:00)

For further questions, you may contact us by calling 098655601.