Each advocate can have a training at the Chamber of Advocates of RA, at the School of Advocates of RA or in any other institution accredited by the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia.

Training courses cannot be less than 48 hours within 2 years. For each semester (6 months) advocates should pass 12 academic hours of training. Calculations start in January and end in June (inluding) or start in July and end in December (including).

Educational programs for advocates' training are implemented to satisfy educational requirements.

The aim of advocates' training is to increase their skills, knowledge and professional readiness through continuous professional training.

The advocate is obliged at his/her own expense,

a. take additional training courses if the Chamber of Advocates of RA has restored the validity of the license and / or

b. take part in additional training courses if the Board of the Chamber of Advocates has applied a disciplinary penalty to the advocate in a form of participating in additional training courses.

The above-written obligation is due despite the fact of attending or not attending the minimum amount of training sessions (ground: Regulation on Advocates' Training, adopted on 22.02.2019).